For Homeowners

We offer a menu of services to help you stay in your home, whether you are facing foreclosure, have unaffordable mortgage payments, or other financial issues threatening your status as a homeowner. Our services include:

  • Foreclosure avoidance through Advocate Attorneys, an affordable legal service that will fight to keep you in your home.
  • Refinancing your existing home loan to make payments more affordable.

For Homebuyers

We offer an exciting and groundbreaking prospective homeowner development program designed to improve your credit, as well as navigate the home buying process, through the following means:

  • Credit remediation through DebtCleanse, an affordable legal service that works to improve your credit standing and pay off debt in a realistic and reasonable amount of time.
  • Advocate Attorneys who work on your behalf to identify and alleviate bad debt, stop collector harassment, and fight for your legal rights.
  • Credit improvement loans to help you consolidate debts and achieve low and fair interest rates that are more manageable.
  • Micro mortgages, through AHP Mortgage Direct, ranging from $5,000 to $100,000, which most other lenders will not service because they are not as lucrative as “standard” home loan values of $100,000 and up.
  • Conventional mortgages, through AHP Mortgage Direct, with fair and ethical terms, as well as low rates.
  • Direct referrals to socially just real estate agents who will assist you in your search for the perfect home and advocate on your behalf.
  • Educational services, both online and in person, to help to navigate every aspect of the process of purchasing a home. From debt alleviation to mortgage servicing, we help guide you through each step of the home buying experience.


To raise the rate of homeownership to 75% for all.

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