The Community

Our fellowship of agents and brokers provides access to a virtual community where best practices, referrals, marketing and branding tips, and industry initiatives are shared. We also provide resources to enable agents and brokers to advocate on behalf of our AHP 75 branding and marketing initiatives in order to reach the largest base of potential clients possible. We anticipate lead distribution as an integral part of being an AHP 75 fellow, which, when resulting in a sale, will incur a fee of 25% of broker commission.

We have partnered with notable national industry organizations focused on continuing education for agents and brokers. Alongside our partners, we provide training and resources that enable agents and brokers to successfully network and refer potential clients across markets.

What We Offer

Micro Mortgages
First mortgages as small as $5,000.

Credit Remediation
Attorney-assisted credit remediation to help you qualify for a mortgage.

Credit Builder Loans
Build savings each month and get on-time payments reported to all three credit bureaus.

Foreclosure Prevention
Cross-country network of consumer protection attorneys to help keep families at risk of foreclosure in their homes.

Client education
Online and in-person education focused on teaching financial literacy to help you navigate the homebuying process.

Real Estate Agent Representation
A national alliance of socially just real estate agents who help families buy affordable homes.


Join our fellowship of socially conscious agents and brokers, and help make a difference.

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